Service Appointment Generator Training (Package for Salesforce Field Service)


Customers need to be able to build a solution that supports the following scenarios for teamwork and multi-stage work:

1. Wanting in day changes to the Crew Member/Job Assignment i.e. a crew member called in sick on Monday and we need to send someone in just for that day
2. Partial job assignment to a new Crew Member for a single day of the multi-day i.e. tech assigned on Monday but will see the whole week on the mobile app and also doesn’t get alerted or have an Assigned Resource created
3. When various resources are required throughout the duration of the job i.e. need someone with troubleshooting skills for the first day, then a mechanic the second day, then an electrician the third day (team approach)

This will provide a collection of capabilities, with access to the source code, for customers and developers to modify in their own instances based on unique business requirements.