Tableau CRM Training


This playlist contains detailed walkthroughs on every aspect of Tableau CRM including Einstein Discovery, and Prediction Builder.

NOTE: These videos refer to the previous product name (Einstein Analytics) in a few places. Please ignore these discrepancies in naming. The training content presented still provides accurate information to teach you how to use Tableau CRM.

From connecting and preparing data, through to building dashboards with advanced interactivity, you can learn all the skills and best practices at your own pace with over 10 hours of video guides.

This content provides a practical approach to learning and includes downloadable example files so you can work alongside the presenter, ensuring you build usable skills as you go. It covers the same learning path as the sought-after multi-day Salesforce Customer Academy training seminars and is recommended for everyone intending to implement analytics or preparing for a certification test.

Find links to training example files and orgs here:

Tableau CRM Example Data:

Create login to work with Einstein Prediction Builder:

Creatre developer org with pre-loaded data for Einstein Discovery: