Developer Persona: 15 min: Get into the code to understand how to work with the custom attribute editor

Extend the Capabilities of the Components you Create:
Allows the creation of custom attributes and custom editors for the components you create, to be used in the Page Designer visual editor when none of the out-of-the-box (native) Page Designer UI controls meet your needs.

Custom UIs for your needs:
For example, you might want a custom UI control that lets merchants select store locations on a map or provide a color picker for the text or background. Or, you might want to let merchants place a Favorite icon on a product tile or select which Shop Now button to use.

Incorporate 3rd Party Storefront Capabilities:
Structured way to incorporate 3rd party services into your storefront via components to leverage all the benefits of the Page Designer (visual editing, reuse, drag and drop placement). Where as before, this capability was limited to injecting completed experiences, via script, locked into content slots.
incorporate that hotspot image creator, video transformation or customer reviews that you really value from our partners can be leverage in a more powerful manner.