Partner Webinar - Liberate your K-12 Student Information System (SIS) data with AlphaSys


Your student information system (SIS) houses a wealth of data but often has limits to workflow management and integration. Justin Yoon explains how K-12 Education providers have the opportunity to extend their SIS by liberating their data into the Salesforce platform to enable integrated personalised journeys. Justin will discuss the “Future to Former student (F2F)” approach, and explain how school innovators can access and leverage insights from SIS data to understand and respond to student needs at every stage.This session will also include a deep dive into example use case of how the Salesforce platform can be used to create positive wellbeing outcomes for students, their families and educators through the AppExchange application Posimente ( Built on top of Salesforce Education cloud with integration into multiple leading SIS providers, this showcase will demonstrate how data liberated from the SIS can be leveraged to manage student wellbeing in a secure, collaborative and holistic way.
Recorded October 8, 2021