TUG Top Tips - Level Up Your TUG Leader Game


Unlock the potential of your Tableau User Group (TUG) events with these condensed pro tips from seasoned leaders Ella Worsdale and Laura Sandford:

Level-up Tips (with time-stamp):
0.00 Introduction & TUG Life
3:59 Team Assemble: Build a diverse team with various skills.
04:51 Venue Magic: Seek venue suggestions from attendees and explore university options.
06:27 Sponsor Support: Collaborate with sponsors for budget and speaker assistance.
07:11 Speaker Outreach: Actively recruit speakers through Bevy and LinkedIn.
09:22 Check-in Success: Utilize the Bevy app for seamless check-ins and valuable data.
10:17 Check: Check that the tech works!
11:17 Welcome: Break the ice with introductions and create a welcoming environment.
13:26 Bevy Brilliance: Master Bevy for a standout event shop window and subscriber growth.
14:56 Infuse Fun: Incorporate Kahoot quizzes, icebreakers, and exciting prizes.
16:15 Strategic Promotion: Use email, social media, and forums to attract a wider audience.

Boss Level Strategies:

Content Diversity: Tailor sessions to cater to a mixed audience with top tips, journeys, updates, and Q&A panels.
Elevate with Themes: Add excitement with themed events for a dynamic and engaging experience.
By incorporating these Level-up and Boss Level strategies, you'll elevate your TUG events, creating an unforgettable experience for the DataFam!