4 Things Customers Want in 2023 | State of the Connected Customer Research Report | Salesforce


"What do my customers want?" It's one of the biggest, most important questions for success in business...and it changes all the time! Not to worry though. Tech influencer, Brian Tong has you covered. Watch to learn the four key takeaways from Salesforce's State of the Connected Customer research report.

About the State of the Connected Customer: The 5th Edition of the State of Connected Customer has been officially launched! Salesforce surveyed over 13,000 consumers and nearly 4,000 business buyers across 29 countries, and found out some great insights. What do customers need and expect from businesses today? How can brands earn, maintain, and build the ultimate currency of customer loyalty: trust? Read the report here: https://salesforce.com/connectedcustomer

0:00 - Intro
0:47 - #1: Personalization matters
2:03 - #2: Flexible customer engagements
3:59 - #3: Connected experiences
5:31 - #4 - Leading with values