From Awesome Admin to Champion Coder: How to Become an Apex Developer (2)


This panel discussion with four Salesforce Administrators who have added Coding to their Admin Toolkit. They are at varying distances on the journey from Admin to Admin Who Codes. Some of our panelists are at beginning of the trek, and others have been developing for many years. Together, we will share what we've learned from our journeys, including: advise on how to get info on learning to code (blogs, stack exchange, success community, salesforce documentation); different ways to approach your learning path; decoding coding terms (translating the concepts into what we knew as admins); overcoming barriers to learning; finding mentors (finding people who can translate); overcoming the Impostor Syndrome voice (and how not to be intimidated with technology forums); and finding and actively engaging with the developer community. Takeaway messages: By the end of this session participants will have a variety of approaches to learn to code on, will have strategies to get help during their learning process, and will feel confident in their ability to move from "admin" to "admin who codes" (or "full time coder").